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Find clarity and gain confidence with your goals and manifestations using your Soul Path Reading as a guide ✨ 


This comprehensive report is meticulously crafted to illuminate the path to your life purpose and career fulfillment. By seamlessly integrating insights found in your natal Birth Chart as well as through Human Design, Life Path Number, your IKIGAI, Starseed markers in your birth chart, and the energy of your Higher Self. This reading offers a holistic and empowering approach to discovering your authentic self, finding your purpose, and stepping into the career of your dreams! 


The reading includes information and insights into your:

  • Higher Self Connection 
  • Life Path Number 
  • Natal Birth Chart 
  • Human Design 
  • Starseed Connection and Starseed Birth Marks in your Natal Chart regarding 27 different Starseeds


I will personally dive deep into these aspects and explain my findings. You will also receive tangible action steps that you can take toward the career recommendations in the reading. 


This is a digital PDF that you can download and print. 


*Please allow up to 7 days for delivery to your email - spots are limited to ensure delivery times* 


Soul Path Reading ✨ Find Your Purpose

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C$29.99Sale Price
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