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Shipping Boxes

Shipping & Billing

This is where you will find information about upcoming book shipments and current shipping procedures.

If you are needing assistance with your order please fill out the contact form on the contact page.


Orders are shipped with Canada Post 

You will receive an email notification when your order is on the way.

Please allow 4-14 days for shipping in Canada and the US

International shipping times may vary.

All items are hand wrapped and shipped with love by ME!!


May 14, 2024

Missing Orders

As you may have seen there were some issues with payments and orders over the past few weeks. I am working super hard to get all of this rectified. This has affected payments and refunds.

**If your order didn't come through right away please send us an email**

Please be patient, shipping times may vary.

*If your order is returned to me for any reason I will send you an email letting you know*


For updates and shipping confirmations

This will save time on both ends when it comes to order communications.

If you still haven't receive a notification or message from me and need to contact someone about your order please click the link below:


Books are shipped using Amazon and book shipping times vary from 4-14 days



I know this process has not been smooth and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only supporting my dream of becoming a full time author but being patient as I figure out the best, most efficient way to get my products to your door!

It is important to me that these products are accessible to as many people as possible considering they pertain to mental health and healing.

That includes making the costs as low as possible and offering multiple options.

If you need to contact us please fill out the contact form linked below but we will not have time to answer any emails that are answered on this page so we can continue to spend time creating and packing your orders!

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