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About The Program

Transform your body, mind, and soul in only 2 weeks! 

If you are ready to get out of "Fight or Flight" so you can start THRIVING instead of just surviving, this program is for you! 



The Metamorphosis 2 Week Transformation is a 14-day program that will help you heal your body, mind, and soul by insinuating sustainable, healthy habits mixed with various Shadow Work techniques. It runs for two weeks every month. So if you love your results you have the opportunity to continue your healing efforts and join us again!

To complete the program you are required to complete 3 Daily Tasks with the option to Double Down on your results with 4 additional daily tasks. 


💧 Drink 3L of water

🙏 Practice daily gratitude,

✍️ Attend or watch the reply of the daily live class which includes 3 live workouts per week


⛰️ Get out in nature for at least 10 minutes

📚 Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book 

🍎 Eat clean 

✅ Complete the Daily Bonus Challenge

These tasks were chosen specifically to help you regulate your hormone levels while healing the foundations of your body, mind, and soul. While the live classes teach you ways to re-train your brain, decrease your stress, heal your "Shadows", and strengthen your healthy neural pathways.

Led by ACE-certified personal trainer, certified emergency medical responder, and mental health motivator, Kendra Fierce, this program offers in depth information as well as professional support throughout.


 You DOn't hav e to do it alone

The best part of the program is that you will be supported by Kendra and the Metamorphosis community the entire way. We will walk together along the path of healing while nourishing a safe, inclusive, and motivating learning environment. This group setting will also help keep you accountable to your goals.

Program Curriculum 


  • About The Program

  • The Metamorphosis Printable Workbook

  • Let's Connect

  • Live Class Schedule


  • Day 1 - Welcome. Gratitude, and Vision Boards

  • Day 2 - The Foundation of Exercise

  • Day 3 - Custom Workout and Meal Plans

  • Day 4 - Live Workout: Yoga

  • Day 5 - Shadow Work Basics

  • Day 6 - Live Workout: Tabata

  • Day 7 - Knit & B*%ch

  • Day 8 - Self-Care Sunday

  • Day 9 - Live Workout: Pilates

  • Day 10 - Finding Your Purpose

  • Day 11 - Live Workout: Kickass Cardio

  • Day 12 -  The Science of Shadow Work 

  • Day 13 - Live Workout: Kickboxing

  • Day 14 - Celebration and Awards


  • Continuing Your Healing Journey

  • Level 2

  • Metamorphosis Mentors

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About The Program

  • 13 Live Classes

  • Access to our exclusive accountability group

  • Printable Workbook

  • FREE Book With Lifetime Membership


Caterpillar | FREE

Join the live classes and participate by following our public Facebook group

Butterfly | $22.22 can

Access to full online program, printable PDF workbook, additional classes, and live class replays




Glitch Butterfly in Nature

I’m loving the program. I can’t believe it’s half way over already. It’s been a struggle for me emotionally, but I love the changes and growing I’m doing. I love how much my eating habits have changed, how strong I’m becoming physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’m excited to continue growing and changing until I get to where I dream of being. I’m already getting sad that we’re halfway thru. I’m already excited for the 3rd round to begin.



I’m loving this program! I’m feeling way more motivated, I find myself making healthier choices without even thinking about it. The consistency and sense of accountability I’ve gained from doing all the daily challenges has helped in other areas of my life too (I’ve been remembering to take my medication every day, Ive been consistent with making regular healthy meals for myself and my kids, and I’ve had a sense of gratitude beyond just doing the daily gratitude list) I can’t wait to see this program take off and help more and more people 💕


- Kaitlyn


I love the program. I have been struggling a lot with chronic fatigue and other health issues lately. I have been able to give myself a lot more grace knowing I am completing the daily tasks (and most bonus tasks). It has also helped me with motivation in other tasks. I wanted to make sure I had a nice clean area before shadow work. I was working on picking up my craft room before tonight. Being motivated to clean for even short periods is a huge boost to my mental health and helps keep me active.


I'm Ready To Transform

If you are ready to join the Metamorphosis Family, choose an option below:


Cost: FREE

  • 13 live classes

  • access to the Metamorphosis Community through our Facebook page


Cost: $22.22

  • 13 live classes

  • access to the online platform

  • printable PDF workbook that coincides with the program 

  • live class replays

  • personalized support from Kendra Fierce

  • Email updates 

I'm Ready
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