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Pre- Order a copy of my NEW interactive book The Science of Shadow Work! 


The Science of Shadow Work was written to help give you a deeper understanding of how Shadow Work affects your body, mind, and soul including how it affects your neurotransmitters. These transmitters play a vital role in the emotions you experience and the actions you take as a result. Knowing how Shadow Work... works, gives you peace of mind and can help you work WITH your body/emotions to choose the most effective healing modalities to assist you on your healing journey.


The Science of Shadow Work includes a step by step process to help you get in touch with your Shadow Self and it also explores various different healing modalities that you can add to your Shadow Work program such as EFT Tapping, Cold Water Exposure, Nature Immursion, Art Therapy, Dream Analysis, and more!


This book is interactive because it includes:

  • QR codes that link to other resources such as audio and video
  • Self-reflection challenges throughout to solidify the topics
  • A journal to continue tracking your Shadow Work progress
  • Progress trackers including a yearly mood tracker


The Science of Shadow Work is open to any spiritual background and most ages. 


If you are ready to acknowledge and heal your limiting/unwanted thoughts and behaviour patterns, The Science of Shadow Work is here to support you along the way!


PRE-SALE The Science of Shadow Work

Expected to ship the first week of September
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