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Welcome to Moon Mastery & Astrology, your key to unlocking the power of the moon and harnessing its energy to enhance your personal and professional life. This coaching package is designed to help you align your energy with the phases of the moon, tapping into its transformative influence to create positive shifts and achieve greater success.


I will guide you on a lunar journey, teaching you how to connect with the moon's cycles as well as leverage its energy for personal growth and manifestation. Through a combination of insightful guidance, practical exercises, and personalized support, you will learn how to align your Shadow Work, goal setting, and actions with the specific energies of each moon phase.


Moon Mastery is not just about harnessing the moon's power; it's about understanding yourself on a deeper level. I will help you explore the unique qualities and characteristics associated with your personal natal chart, providing valuable insights into your emotional landscape, needs, and intuitive abilities.


You will receive:

  • 3 x 1 hour in depth sessions to help you understand the basics of astrology and the phases of the Moon

  • An analysis of your natal chart and astrological influences as well as your birth chart report 

  • Insights into strengths, challenges, and purpose based on astrological findings.

  • Strategies to navigate planetary transits and leverage cosmic energies personally and professionally

  • Printable Moon Phases Guided Journal 

Moon Mastery & Astrology | 3 x 1 Hour Sessions

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