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Download and print double sided or follow the prompts in your own personal journal. 


This workbook coincides with my Full Moon Eclipse Ritual and includes:

  • how to align your shadow work and manifestation with the moon using the 12 Houses of Astrology
  • information about the 12 Houses of Astrology
  • information about the 12 Zodiac Signs
  • connecting with your Higher Self
  • connecting with your Shadow Self
  • information about goal setting and manifestation
  • Taurus described 
  • worksheets for all 12 steps of the ritual that help solidify the topics 
  • 20 high vibe activites
  • 20 ways to ground your energy 
  • Eclipse journal prompts and prompts regazrding the 2nd House of Money & Possessions


Thank you!!

Purchasing this workbook helps allow me to continue my efforts as a content creator on TikTok. I am Canadian and all Canadians are still financially unsupported through the app. 

Eclipse Ritual Digital Workbook (31 pages)

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