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A personalized journey into the depths of your unique cosmic blueprint. Unlock the secrets of your birth chart and discover the profound insights it holds about your life, purpose, and potential. 


I will meticulously analyze your birth chart, which is a snapshot of the universe at the moment you were born. This map includes the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and more, all tailored to your birth date, time, and location. You'll gain insights into your personality traits, strengths, challenges, and hidden potentials. Gain clarity on your career path and the professional endeavours best suited to your natural inclinations and talents. 


Unlock your inner potential and step into your true self with confidence and self-awareness!


Each Birth Chart Reading includes:

  • a 19 page report that includes how your birth chart is read as well as a personal reading of the individual aspects of your unique birth chart
  • displayable version of your birth chart
  • digital PDF version of your 19-page report
  • synastry for compatibility; how to compare two charts
  • a custom Compatibility Chart created for you based on your birth chart
  • blank compatibility charts for you to compare with others
  • further tools and support
  • information about potential career opportunities
  • potential obstacles to overcome


Every reading is done by hand by Kendra individually

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery to email & 1-3 weeks for mail




Birth Chart Reading | Digital

C$88.88 Regular Price
C$44.44Sale Price
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