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Package 1: One-Month Accountability Boost


Duration: 1 month


Description: This package is ideal for those who need a short-term boost to kickstart their progress toward their goals. Over the course of one month, you'll receive focused support and accountability to help you make tangible strides toward achieving your objectives.


Package includes:

  • Initial goal-setting session: We'll start with a thorough discussion to clarify your goals and identify specific actions to move you forward.

  • One weekly 45-minute coaching session: We will meet once a week for personalized coaching sessions focused on reviewing progress, addressing challenges, and setting priorities.

  • Unlimited email support: You'll have direct access to me for any questions, concerns, or additional support you may need between sessions.

  • Actionable assignments: I'll provide targeted assignments and exercises to keep you accountable and reinforce your progress between sessions.

  • Accountability check-ins: We'll schedule regular check-ins to track your progress, celebrate your achievements, and make any necessary adjustments to your action plan.

  • Motivation: I will be there to support you throughout our time together with words of encouragement



Investment: $333 Canadian for the month (approx $244 US)

Accountability Package #1

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