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Shadow Work


A step-by-step process to help you acknowledge and release limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns in your life. 

Online Course

Lifetime access


Due to issues with my payment provider the course will remain open until the issues are completely resolved!

If you are trying to join the course and are having issues paying, please check back later or sign up to my subscriber list for updates.

I really love the layout and everything else that's in this Shadow Work Course! I think it is so amazing, well thought out, and helpful.

- Lindsay

What is

Shadow Work?

As we go through situations and traumas in our life our Shadow Self comes up with what I call "Protection Mode" 

These thoughts and behaviours may have suited us during that time however they may not align with your current vibration.

Through shadow work, you are able to release your limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns so you can turn off flight or fight and have more control over your mindset (Protection Mode) during stressful situations.


This course uses a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and purposeful journaling to help you acknowledge these emotions and dive deep to find out where they are coming from.


You can then create new Actions Plans to turn your unhealthy reactions into healthy responses which become your automatic reactions over time.


Shadow Work also helps you touch base on your goals and work on what you need to release to get there.

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are you Feeling:

  • Lost ?

  • Stuck ?

  • Frustrated ?

  • Out of Control ?

  • Confused About Where To Start With Shadow Work ?

Do You Want to feel:

  • Confident ?!

  • Motivated ?!

  • Encouraged ?!

  • In Control of Your Emotions ?!

  • Comfortable with Shadow Work and be able to use it Effectively ?!

Step by Step

The Shadow Work for Beginners Online Course takes years of healing knowledge and condenses it into a simple, step-by-step process that you can use almost any time.

Starting with building your support system, this course will then guide you through the basics of Shadow Work using a mixture of science and spirituality.

You will receive explanations on how your brain and body reacts to Shadow Work as well as multiple ways to double down on your success.



Looking For

The Fierce Family is open to anyone with a growth mindset and an open mind! Feel free to join us on Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Tiktok.

Kendra is also available for one on one coaching. 


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What's Included

Lifetime Access

  • 31 easy to follow Lessons 

  • 25 Page Downloadable & Printable Assignment Sheet

  • FREE 30 minutes virtual chat with Kendra

  • Monthly LIVE Shadow Work 101 class with Kendra

  • Open Discussions For Every Topic

  • Shadow Work Warrior support group

Coming Soon

  • Video Content 

  • Weekly Shadow Work Prompts

  • Lesson Challenges 

  • and MORE!

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How It Works

Anyone who signs up will receive LIFETIME access no matter what new content is added!

Click below to be directed to the Shadow Work for Beginners course website where you will be able to purchase the course and create your login information. You will then have access to the entire course to complete at your convenience.

Course Contents



Phase 2

Phase 3

First 100 Students

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Final Price








  • Introduction

  • Your Support System

  • Self Care

  • Basics of Shadow Work

  • Higher Self connection

  • Shadow Self Connection

  • Personal Reaction Scale 

  • Why

  • Gratitude & Forgiveness

  • Trigger

  • Action Plan

  • Shadow Work and Manifestation

  • Conclusion

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There's a Better Way

Through Shadow Work, you are able to have more control over your mindset and in turn your responses to situations that arise.

Being overwhelmed with the healing process is common and it's my hope that the Shadow Work for Beginners Online Course allows you to feel confident and comfortable working through your emotions so you can release their control over your life.

Working through these limitations allows you to feel motivated, powerful, and it opens up space for new energy to come so you can align with your manifestations. 

This confidence also allows you to set healthier, stronger boundaries with not only yourself but those around you.

Are you ready for more calm, control, and comfort?

We Repeat what we don't repair

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