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Break those negative thought patterns, take control of your emotions, feel more confident, connect with your spiritual gifts, and keep your mindset in the present with the practice of gratitude!


If you are new to practicing gratitude this journal is for you! Learn the basics of the practice, how to get started, and how it affects your body, mind, and soul. 


This printable gratitude journal is 37 pages long and includes: 

  • introduction 
  • my background
  • what is gratitude?
  • gratitude and your brain 
  • why practice gratitude?
  • self-care list 
  • when to practice gratitude 
  • the habit of gratitude
  • your higher self 
  • how long do you have to practice
  • gratitude and self-love 
  • gratitude prompts 
  • how to practice gratitude 
  • the journey and the journal 
  • goal setting 
  • 60 days of blank gratitude journal 


COMING SOON | Stay tuned for the physical copy of this journal that goes along with my Shadow Work Guided Journal and Moon Phases Guided Journal


Printable Gratitude Guided Journal & 60-Day Challenge

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