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The Moon Phases Guided Journal explains the basic astrology and astronomy of the 8 phases of the Moon as well as detailed descriptions of Kendra's New Moon Manifestation Ritual & Full Moon Release Ritual. It also explores fun space events like lunar eclipses and supermoons!


The DELUXE version includes 12 months of guided blank ritual sheets that go along with the rituals in the journal. There is 1 full and 1 new moon per lunar month so there are 24 blank rituals included in the book.


Just like the moon, we go through phases and this journal is designed to help guide you through the emotions that the moon may bring to the surface. The beginning includes the guide and the remainder of the journal consists of journal pages to assist through the rituals and everyday emotional release if needed. 



Every journal comes with a personalized autograph from Kendra and the choice of a FREE GIFT!<3

Moon Phases DELUXE Guided Journal

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