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Practicing gratitude has many mental and physical benefits. Growth With Gratitude guides you through the process and shows you the most effective ways to start as well as double down on your results.

If you struggle to feel in control during stressful situations and/or you suffer from a lack of confidence, taking the time to look for the lessons and/or positives during these times can help you train your brain to become solution-based VS always looking for danger. Gratitude can help you stop looping negative thoughts, improve your sleep quality, decrease reactivity, get out of "fight or flight" quicker, improve emotional regulation, and find more peace in the present which leads you to your manifestations sooner!


Growth with Gratitude Includes: (77 pages)

  • Copyright
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • About The Author
  • Breaking Cycles
  • What is Gratitude?
  • The Science Of Gratitude
  • Why Practice Gratitude
  • Self-Care Includes
  • Self-Care List
  • Why Practice Gratitude
  • Your Higher Self
  • You Are A Happy Person
  • When to Practice Gratitude
  • How Long Do You Have to Practice
  • Gratitude & Self Love
  • How To Practice Gratitude
  • The Habit Of Gratitude
  • The Journey & The Journal
  • Before & After Gratitude
  • Gratitude Activities
  • Gratitude Prompts
  • Letter Of Gratitude
  • Yearly Mood Tracker
  • 30-Day Gratitude Challenge
  • 60-Day Gratitude Challenge
  • Gratitude Journal


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Growth With Gratitude | 60 Day Challenge & Journal eBook

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