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Are you ready to make  BIG CHANGE!


In life, we often find ourselves yearning for something more, feeling stuck in a career or life situation that no longer brings us joy or fulfillment. It's during these moments that the concept of a pivot can breathe new life into our existence.


A pivot is a transformative journey that allows us to shift gears, explore new opportunities, and ignite our potential. If you're ready to embrace change and embark on a path of personal and professional growth, the 5-Day Pivot Challenge is here to guide you.


Download the workbook to join us as we dive into five empowering days of self-discovery, reflection, and actionable steps towards a brighter future. In the workbook you will find more information about the tasks as well as journal prompts to help you work through the energy.


Day 1 - Self Reflection Journal Prompts & IKIGAI

Day 2 - Vision Boards & Skill Assessment using the 12 Houses of Astrology

Day 3 - Manifestation & Research

Day 4 - The Cliff and Breaking Cycles

Day 5 - Action Steps& Support


FIERCE Academy students have FREE access to this workbook. Become a student today:

5 Day Pivot Challenge Workbook - 19 Pages

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