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Acknowledge and heal your "Shadows" to regulate your emotions, align with the energy of your Higher Self, and manifest your dream life 💫 


Each Healing Quest Includes: 

  • printable PDF workbook outlining the process and daily challenges
  • 7 Morning Motivational Audio Messages
  • 7 Evening Meditation Audio Messages
  • a link to a Dropbox file containing the daily Morning Motivation Messages and the Before Bed Wind Down Meditations 


After your purchase check your email for the link to the Dropbox file.



7 Days of Shadow Work

Day 1 - Acknowledging Your Shadows

Day 2 - Exploring Childhood Patterns

Day 3 - Confronting Your Inner Critic

Day 4 - Embracing Vulnerability 

Day 5 - Forgive Yourself and Others

Day 6 - Embody Self-Compassion

Day 7 - Integrate and Reflect

Healing Quest | 7 Days of Shadow Work

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