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Using your personal birth chart Kendra will create you a Custom Compatibility Chart. 


Your planets and their zodiac locations are plotted on the chart and then you are able to compare them to the 12 Zodiacs which are listed along the bottom to figure out your compatibility with each planet if they were in each sign.


If you know the birth chart of someone, you are then able to compare where their planets fall in relation to yours to easily see how compatible you are. 


For example, if your sun sign is in Libra and the other person's Sun sign is also Libra this means they are in conjunction which can be a powerful, strong combination when it comes to self-expression and your outward persona.


With this chart, you only need to know their planets and the signs they are in.

No math or complicated calculations are required! 


What's Included:

  • custom Compatibility Chart created from your birth chart
  • printed version shipped AND digital version sent for future use and reference 
  • how to use the chart including where to look for possible indications of success in other areas
  • 2 x blank Compatibility Checkers


Want a personal love reading of you and your current partner? 

For an additional $11.11 Kendra will plot both of your charts and do a Personalized Partner Reading with the results which will be printed and shipped with your Compatibility Chart and sent to your email in pdf format. 


Every reading is done by hand by Kendra individually

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery to email & 1-3 weeks for mail





Custom Love Compatibility Chart

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