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Shadow Work?

Are you struggling to break the patterns in your life?

Are you feeling "stuck" or weighed down by life in general?

Are you ready to feel MOTIVATED again?

Are you ready for more ease and peace?

Shadow work is the process of acknowledging the limiting thoughts and behavior patterns that could be holding you back from reaching your absolute full potential and feeling your BEST!

"The Shadow Work Guided Journal" helps you do just that by using cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques as well as purposeful journaling.

How I Went from Depressed to


My name is Kendra and we might have some things in common.

You may be wondering how this book came to be and I would love to share a little bit about that journey.

From one of the most picked on kids in school to over half a million followers on Tiktok sharing tools that help with confidence and healing, I can officially say I am living my DREAM LIFE! Having just closed my cake business of over 15 years less than two months ago, I am now working as a full-time author and content creator which has been a night and day switch for me! I am now 34 years old so it's taken me a little bit to find my bearings and that is MORE THAN OKAY! 

Kendra1 copy_edited.png

I started school a year younger than everyone else and spent the next 12 years being bullied relentlessly from what clothes I wore to my height.\

There was always a way to make me feel smaller than I already was and unfortunately, the chaos did not end upon arriving home.

What would be a safe place for a lot of kids was no solace for me. My parents worked a lot and emotional support was not first on the list. Physical abuse was also a part of the picture. Between the fighting and the yelling I still somehow managed to take on life full force with extreme courage for a small person, received good grades, and was even invited to the gifted children program. (my parents did not accept most likely due to financial reasons)

Little Kendra.heic

Upon graduation, I moved out and escaped relatively "harm-free" or so I thought... 

IMG_3013 2.jpg

The next few years I spent over correcting from the years I spent in a super controlling, negative environment. I went partying, I got my motorcycle license, and I started trying different types of drugs. 

I was taking it out on the world.

Fast forward to over 2 years ago when I found myself yet again at heartbreak hotel (my parent's basement) ...

It was time to make a change.

Through my misery, I knew I needed to break the cycle by breaking my patterns. I picked up one habit that changed my life in the BIGGEST WAY possible.

I started practicing gratitude DAILY!

I fully believe this one activity was the reason I am able to write this today. All I did was write down everything I could think of that I was grateful for in each day. Sometimes I could only think of four things but I still got it done.


Things have moved pretty quickly and since then I have:


  • Completed the 75 Hard Program by Andy Frisella

  • Found  a new, beautiful home to live in

  • Started therapy and learned cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Created the 14 Day Mindset Reset program

  • Started my Tiktok channel

  • Reached 500k followers by 9 months 

  • Became a first time published author of the "ShadowWork Guided Journal"

  • Sold my first art prints


That brings us this moment. And you may be wondering what does this have to do with you? 

Over the past 2 years, I have spent countless hours researching and putting into practice cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and learning effective journalling practices. 

So, if you're wondering where to start I can help you with that!

(if you are open to it of course 😛)

I have taken that two years of information and created a step-by-step process that mixes both purposeful journaling and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you acknowledge and release limiting thoughts and behaviours in your life by creating  new, healthier automatic responses VS your current unwanted reactions.

Through this practice you will realize you only have control over your own mindset and how you respond to situations. You have no control over anyone or anything else.

It's this mindset shift that brings flow and ease into your life and that decreases your anxiety.



Shadow Work

Shadow Work 101

With 40 pages of guided shadow work before the journal even begins, you are guaranteed to have a good foundation before you add this tool to your healing repertoire.

If you would like to go deeper with your work there are also 2 1/2 pages of prompts in the back of the journal. 

A lot of other journals only provide prompts. While this can be helpful in some cases in most cases if you do not have the tools to properly handle the emotions that come up with the prompts they could leave you feeling more discouraged than when you began.

The Shadow Work Guided Journal teaches you step by step how to acknowlege and process emotions and situations that arise in a healthy way by creating new responses to old triggers.


How does Shadow

Taking the time to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling directly is the first step. Shadow work really begins when you start diving deep to figure out where these emotions are REALLY coming from. About 95% of the time you are reacting for a deeper reason than why you are being triggered in the first place. Once you are able to locate some root causes you can then create more healthy responses to replace your unhealthy reactions.

And this journal helps you do just that!

Thank you for helping me reach my goal of 1000 copies SOLD!

Purchase now...

And receive a FREE GIFT!

Your choice of one of 3 gifts with each journal!

Choose from a Mini Bay Leaf Manifestation Kit, or a 1 card Mystery Tarot Reading


Receive my ShadowWork 101 Class live recording and assignments FREE with purchase which coincides with this journal.


Hand-signed and dated by Kendra including an inspirational message. Choose who you would like it signed to or choose to leave it blank.

ONLY $22.22can


Canada and US ($5 additional for international)



  • Affirmations

  • Your Support System

  • Create a Plan

  • Self-Care

  • HIgher Self

  • My Higher Self Is:

  • Shadow Self 

  • My Shadow Self Is: 

  • Personal Reaction Scale

  • Why

  • Gratitude 

  • Triggers

  • Action Plan

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional Regulation Activities 

  • Healthy Responses

  • Self Care Rewrads

  • The Journal

  • ShadowWork Prompts

Maddie J.

This work book has many great pages to it, and it is great quality. The very beginning it asks you to set your intentions and gives you a space for emergency contacts, a therapist contact, just a space where if you need to have these numbers available and ready BOOM there they are. In the first few pages it also gives you an area for self care activities. The book explains how shadow work can be very difficult, and that when we have worked on our shadow work it is important to reward ourselves after. The book is very detailed in what your higher self is and has every single tool I could imagine on how to connect with it.


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