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Shadow Work


Shadow Work is the process of acknowledging and healing your limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns.

Those limiting thoughts and behaviours are also known as your "Shadows".


If you experience any of the following issues, Shadow Work is a great addition to your healing journey.

Unresolved Emotional Issues: if you  experience lingering emotional pain, trauma, or unresolved issues from the past, Shadow Work can  guide you through exercises and techniques to identify and address buried emotions.  

Struggling with Relationships: if you have difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships, frequent conflicts, or challenges in communication, Shadow Work can provide insights into how your "Shadows" impact relationships as well as offer tools for improving communication, understanding, and connection.


Feeling Stuck or Unfulfilled: if you are feelings stuck in life, unfulfilled, or lacking a sense of purpose, Shadow Work can help you uncover hidden desires, passions, and purpose, facilitating a path towards personal fulfillment.

Self-Sabotaging Behaviours: if you are engaging in repeated self-sabotaging behaviours without understanding the underlying causes, Shadow Work can assist in identifying and addressing the root causes of self-sabotage as well as provide strategies to break negative patterns.

Chronic Stress and Anxiety: if you experience persistent stress and anxiety without clear understanding or effective coping mechanisms, Shadow Work can help you address underlying issues contributing to stress and anxiety as well as offer tools for emotional regulation and stress reduction.

Struggles with Personal Identity: if you are uncertain about your identity, values, or authenticity, Shadow Work can assist in exploring and embracing different facets of your identity while promoting a more authentic and integrated sense of self.

Difficulty Making Decisions: if you are feeling indecisiveness or have a fear of making choices, leading to a sense of stagnation, Shadow Work can provide frameworks for making conscious decisions by addressing fears, doubts, and conflicting internal motivations.




If you are new to Shadow Work and don't know where to start the following resources can help you get a better understanding of how Shadow Work, works. They can also help get you started by providing a step by step process that requires no experience or spiritual background.

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Shadow Work 101
Online Course

Learn the basics of Shadow Work anywhere and anytime using your own devices. Go at your own pace and follow along using the free PDF printable workbook.


Shadow Work
Guided Journal

Learn the basics of Shadow Work. Including a step by step Shadow Work process designed to help you start locating your "Shadows" and create healthy action plans  going forward.

2 Week Transformation.png

Metamorphosis 2 Week Transformation

Transform your body, mind, and soul in just two weeks by following this sustainable 14-day program led by ACE-certified personal trainer

Kendra Fierce.


If you are ready to level up your Shadow Work and you know the basics, the following resources are available to help you not only aid your current symptoms but they will assist with long-term results.

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The Science of Shadow Work

Learn about Shadow Work in depth. Locate your "Shadows" then learn about various other healing modalities that can help you aid your short-term symptoms as well as heal your deeper wounds.

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Shadow Work
on Patreon

Join the Fierce Family on our exclusive Patreon page where you will have access to various Shadow Work resources including live classes, weekly prompts, and personalized support from Kendra Fierce.

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Shadow Work

Check out our latest design! Space Cat

This blank, guided journal contains information about the basics of  Shadow Work and provides you with a beautiful blank canvas to work through your "Shadows".



If you are experienced with Shadow Work and are looking to deepen your practice the following resources are available to help you turn your current knowledge into future power!

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One on One

Receive personalized support and guidance from Kendra Fierce. ACE-certified personal trainer, certified emergency medical responder, author, and full time business owner of over 10 years.

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Business Builder

Turn your incredible ideas into a fully functional, profitable business with this fully immersive online program that includes a printable PDF workbook to solidify the topics



Home to Heal
10 Week Program

Heal your body, mind, and soul with this in-depth program that offers 10 full weeks of resources as well as a printable PDF workbook to help solidify the topics


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