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Shadow Work


Learn Shadow Work step by step as well as have access to worksheets, exclusive content, live classes, and support.

Become more consistent, confident, and in control to align with your Higher Self and achieve your goals!

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Are you Ready to    

Break the cycle?

It ran in the family until it ran into you!

No matter your reason(s) for doing Shadow Work the effects will not only improve the quality of your life but for those around you and for potential generations to come! 

This is something to be extremely PROUD OF!

I know I am proud of you!!

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Waking up thinking what do I GET TO DO today!

Instead of what do I have to do...

Shadow Work can help retrain your brain to more positive automatic thoughts.


Using a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, purposeful journaling, and self-care rewards you will be able to turn your unhealthy, unwanted reactions (shadows) into healthy, confident responses.

(reactions are automatic and responses are thoughtful)

This will allow you to take control of your mindset and in turn your



Access To

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Powerful Online Resources

Right at your fingertips including support from Kendra and peer support from other members!

Beautiful Soul

My Name is Kendra!


I am so honoured that you are here and I hope you find value from the content that I provide not only through the Shadow Work Online Directory but through my many social media channels.

The Shadow Work Online Directory is 3 or more years of mental health research and knowledge mixed with over 34 years of hands-on life experience in one easily accessible place!

I have a background in emergency medicine, personal fitness training, and I was a professional cake decorator for 15 years on top of many other entrepreneurial pursuits. I am so excited to share what I have learned over the years with you!

I look forward to supporting you in any way that I can! This is a safe, inclusive space my kings, queens and in-between bees!


Ps You Look Cute Today



Lindsay S.

I really love the layout and everything else that's in this Shadow Work Directory! I think it is so amazing, well thought out, and helpful

Happy Woman

Brenna R.

I stumbled upon Kendra's videos on Tiktok and since then I have also found Shadow Work! I am feeling more and more confident every day This directory has been so helpful on this new journey.

Woman in Nature

Shelby K.

Having access to this information is so useful. When I am feeling lost I can just turn to the directory or the group and it's kept me on track for sure!

If You're


  • Lost

  • Stuck

  • Frustrated 

  • Disconnected

  • Out of control

  • Confused about where to start with Shadow Work


Shadow Work



Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, you will always have access no matter what information is added and/or evolved.


You don't have to do this alone! Receive support from Kendra as well as other Shadow Work Warriors.


As part of the purposeful journaling aspect, there are various tools created to help you get started.

Step by Step

No matter where you are on your healing journey, feel confident knowing where to start with Shadow Work using my step-by-step process.

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Prices are in Canadian dollars and we will not be able to offer refunds for any purchases at the introductory rate.


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Enjoy the

Shadow Work Online

Course & Directory for the low introductory rate of only


Exclusive content and offers that are only available to anyone signed up to the Shadow Work Online Directory.


Click the link for more information about

Shadow Work



  • Introduction

  • Worksheets

  • Videos

  • Live Shadow Work Classes

  • Shadow Work Step by Step

  • Your Support System

  • Self Care

  • Basics of Shadow Work

  • Higher Self connection

  • Shadow Self Connection

  • Personal Reaction Scale 

  • Why

  • Gratitude & Forgiveness

  • Trigger

  • Action Plan

  • Shadow Work and Manifestation

  • Conclusion

  • One on One support from Kendra 

  • Shadow Work Warriors support group

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