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Learn how to align your energy with the Moon! Using the Houses of Astrology as a guide you will be able to work on your manifestations and Shadow Work in a safe, effective way. Align with the energy of your most, confident authentic self using the hand chosen products in the Lunar Care Kit


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The Astrology Starter Kit Includes:

  • Digital & Printed 19-Page Custom Birth Chart Reading ($88.88 value)
  • Home To Heal LIFETIME Membership ($55.55 value)
  • Moon Phases Guided Journal - autographed copy ($22.22 value) 
  • Handmade Tarot Pouch or Crystal Pouch ($22.22 value)
  • Glass Tea Infuser Bottle ($15 value)
  • Mystery Tarot Reading ($5 value)
  • Water Bottle Stickers ($2 value)


Like the Moon we transition through many phases as we journey through life. The Moon Phases Guided Journal was designed to help you achieve your goals using a mixture of cognitive behavioral therapy, self-reflection, and purposeful journaling. It can also help you step into the energy of your most confident, authentic self and become more consistent with your manifestations.

The Moon Phases Guided Journal Includes:

  • the basic Astronomy and Astrology of the 8 phases of the Moon
  • information about lunar, solar eclipses, and other celestial events
  • in-depth descriptions of Kendra's Full Moon Release Ritual and New Moon Manifestation Ritual
  • descriptions of the Zodiac signs and the Houses of Astrology
  • yearly goal-setting template aligned with the Houses of Astrology
  • a guided journal that coincides with the phases of the Moon

Lunar Care Kit

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