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Learn Shadow Work step by step with the Shadow Work Guided Journal and combat the effects of stress with high-quality Healing Slimes and relaxing organic teas. Double your Shadow Work efforts with a one-on-one coaching session with Kendra.


*prices are in Canadian dollars and shipping costs are included*


Shadow Work Starter Kit Includes:

  • Home To Heal LIFETIME Membership which includes the Shadow Work Step-by-Step Course
  • 1 Hour Coaching Session ($88 value)
  • Glass Infuser Bottle ($15 value)
  • Rest & Relax Tea - nettle leaf, st johns wort, spearmint, damiana leaf, valerian root ($15 value)
  • Moon Blend Tea - spearmint, raspberry leaf, vitex berries, skullcap, marshmallow root, ginger, valerian ($15 value)
  • Water Bottle Stickers ($5 value)
  • Mystery Tarot Reading ($5 value)

Shadow Work Support Set

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