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Are you ready to become more confident, consistent, and in control of your mindset but don't know where to start? The Shadow Work Guided Journal is an INCREDIBLE tool that is design to help you take control of your emotions and step into the energy of your Higher Self!


Whether you're new to Shadow Work or a seasoned practitioner, the Shadow Work Guided Journal is a valuable tool that can help you deepen your spiritual practice, heal your "Shadows", and unleash your full potential.


Learn step by step how to connect with your Shadow Self to locate potential "Shadows" that could be preventing you from fully aligning with the energy of your Higher Self and achieving your goals. Then using a mixture o f cognitive behavioural therapy and purposeful journaling techniques you will create effective action plans that can be insinuated right away.


The Shadow Work Guided Journal can help you work through intense emotions, gain confidence, become more consistent, and receive your manifestations quicker than ever before!

So what are you waiting for?!

Download the printable Shadow Work Guided Journal PDF  to get started on your Shadow Work journey RIGHT AWAY! You can either print the entire book or just print the journal pages as you require. 

Healthy Healing Fierce Fam!


Contents: (73 pages)

  • What Is Shadow Work

  • "Fight or Flight"

  • The Science of Shadow Work

  • Chronic Stress Cycle

  • Breaking the Cycles

  • Your Support System

  • The 4 Pillars of Support

  • Creating a Support Plan

  • Self Care

  • The Fab 5 Described

  • Self Care Activities

  • Your Self Care

  • Step by Step

  • Step 1 - Getting Ready For Shadow Work

  • Step 2 - Affirmations/"Iffirmations"

  • Step 3 - Higher Self

  • My Higher Self Is...

  • Step 4 - Shadow Self

  • Shadow Self VS Inner Critic

  • My Shadow Self Is...

  • Step 5 - Personal Reaction Scale

  • Step 6 - Root Cause or "Fuel"

  • Find Your Why

  • Step 7 - Triggers or "Fires"

  • Step 8 - Gratitude &Forgiveness

  • Letter of Gratitude & Forgiveness

  • Step 9 - Creating Action Plans

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional Regulation Activities

  • Your Healthy Responses

  • Step 10 - Self Care Reward

  • When to Work on Shadow Work

  • Shadow Work & Manifestation

  • Shadow Work & The Moon

  • Going Deeper with Shadow Work

  • Shadow Work Prompts

  • A Shadow Work Journal 

  • Conclusion

  • Dictionary

Shadow Work Guided Journal - Printable PDF

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C$4.44Sale Price
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