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Shadow Work is the process of acknowledging and healing your limiting/unhealthy thoughts and behaviour patterns AKA "Shadows". This allows you to release anything that is holding you back from your Higher Self and achieve your manifestations! 


If you want to learn more about Shadow Work as well as learn various Shadow Work techniques The Science of Shadow Work is an interactive book that will give you all that and more! 




Education: The Science of Shadow Work explains the effects Shadow Work has on the neurotransmitters and hormones in your body. It also details various other Shadow Work modalities such as dream analysis, cold water exposure, EFT tapping, and more. This in-depth information will allow you to choose more effective healing resources depending on your current needs.


Step by Step: Work through intense emotions and receive your manifestations quicker than ever before! Whether you are just starting or continuing your Shadow Work journey this book provides a 12-step Shadow Work process that you can use to help you work through your "Shadows" safely and effectively.


QR Codes: Throughout the book you will find various QR codes that link to other healing resources such as videos. These resources will help solidify the topics as well as offer you ways to deepen your Shadow Work practice.


Self-Reflection Challenges: these assignments are meant to help you explore the topics as well as push you out of your comfort zone which will lead to greater results.


Guided Meditations: dive deeper into your meditation and Shadow Work practice with visualization exercises chosen to help awaken suppressed emotions and locate deeper wounds that need healing. 


Shadow Work Journal: this book not only contains information about Shadow Work it can also help you dive into the practice by providing a guided journal that you can use to work through your "Shadows" and emotions.



Book Contents: 

  • What is Shadow Work?
  • The Science of Shadow Work
  • Chronic Stress Cycles
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • Your Support System
  • The 4 Pillars of Support
  • Creating a Support Plan
  • Self-Care
  • The Fab 5 Described
  • "Fight or Flight"
  • Self-Care Activities
  • Your Self-Care
  • Step by Step
  • Step 1 - Getting Ready for Shadow Work
  • Step 2 - Affirmations/"iffirmations"
  • Step 3 - Higher Self
  • My Higher Self Is...
  • Step 4 - Shadow Self
  • Shadow Self VS Inner Critic
  • My Shadow Self is...
  • Step 5 - Personal Reaction Scale
  • Step 6 - Root Cause or "Fuel"
  • Step 7 - Triggers or "Fires"
  • Step 8 - Gratitude & Forgiveness
  • Letter of Gratitude & Forgiveness
  • Step 9 - Creating an Action Plan
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Emotional Regulation Activities
  • Your Healthy Responses
  • Step 10 - Self-Care Reward
  • When to Work on Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work & Manifestation
  • Shadow Work & the Moon
  • Going Deeper with Shadow Work
  • Shadow Work Prompts
  • A Shadow Work Journal
  • Conclusion
  • Dictionary
  • Your Shadow Work Journal
  • and more!


NEW The Science of Shadow Work

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