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**prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping costs**


Bring a touch of warmth and healing into your life or send it as a thoughtful gift to someone you hold dear with a hand-crocheted Healing Bee. This adorable and meticulously crafted bee is more than just a plush toy - it's a symbol of love, care, and comfort. You will also find a golden charm behind the wing of every Healing Bee. 


Each Healing Bee is lovingly handmade using soft, high-quality yarn, making it a huggable companion that brings a sense of tranquility and joy. With its vibrant colors and intricate crochet work, the Healing Bee adds a touch of whimsy to any space.

They also come with a card that includes our Healing Bee poem:

Life can be tough, this is true,

So I've sent this Healing Bee to you.

With it's gentle wings and a buzzing sound,

You're never alone when a Healing Bee is around

This Bee carries wishes of healing and light,

I hope it makes you smile bright! 


The Healing Bee serves as a gentle reminder that you or your loved one is not alone during challenging times. Whether you're seeking solace, sending healing vibes, or simply wanting to brighten someone's day, this little bee is here to provide comfort and uplift the spirit.


Each Healing Bee is packed with love & care and shipped within 2-3 days (our shipping facility is closed on weekends)


Add a Soothing Soy healing candle | +$7.77

Add a Mini Healing Bee | +$11.11

Healing Bee | OG BEE

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