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*prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping costs*

(approx $82.50US)


Embark on a transformative celestial journey with our Astrology Starter Kit—a curated collection designed to guide you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Explore the phases of the moon, unravel the mysteries of your astrological birth chart, and dive into a two-week Metamorphosis Transformation Program. The included 3-Card Tarot Reading offers insights into your life's journey, while our New Year Goal Setting and Manifestation Class can help you align with cosmic energies to set intentions and manifest your dream life! Elevate your understanding of self, tap into cosmic wisdom, and navigate your personal transformation with this empowering toolkit.

Begin your cosmic voyage today!


What's Included: click the items for more information

🔮 Natal Birth Chart Reading ($88.88 value)

🌙 3 months of Lunar Learners Workbooks ($16.64 value)

📕 Moon Phases Guided Journal by Kendra Fierce ($22.22 value)

🦋 Lifetime Membership to the Metamorphosis 2 Week Transformation ($44.44)

✍️ New Year Goal Setting and Manifestation Workbook and ticket to the live class on January 19 @ 6:30pm MST ($5.55 value) 


Total Value: $177.74 You SAVE: $66.63 

LIMITED QUANITITES: Only 3 kits are available per month 


Please allow 7-14 days for delivery depending on your location. 


DELUXE Astrology Starter Kit

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