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This page contains in-depth information about the products in the Fierce Online Store. If you need further assistance please contact us.


The Healthy Healers workbook coincides with the Home To Heal 10-Week Program.

Break out of "Fight or Flight" and step into the energy of your most confident, authentic self using various healing modalities. 

Moon Phases Guided Journal

Like the Moon we transition through many phases as we journey through life. The Moon Phases Guided Journal was designed to help you achieve your goals using a mixture of cognitive behavioral therapy, self-reflection, and purposeful journaling. It can also help you step into the energy of your most confident, authentic self and become more consistent with your manifestations.
It is open to any spiritual background

Shadow Work Guide eBook Cover.png

Shadow Work Guided Journal

 Shadow Work can be described as acknowledging and healing the limiting thoughts and behaviours patterns that could be holding you back from aligning with your Higher Self. This guided journal will teach you how to acknowledge these emotions/shadows and dive deep into why you may be experiencing them so you can create an effective plan to release their control over your life.


Practicing gratitude has many mental and physical benefits. Growth With Gratitude guides you through the process and shows you the most effective ways to start as well as double down on your results. Gratitude can help you stop looping negative thoughts, improve your sleep quality, decrease reactivity, get out of "fight or flight" quicker, improve emotional regulation, and find more peace in the present which leads you to your manifestations sooner!

Tropical Leaves


Enjoy the sensory benefits of slime and the healing properties of essential oils all in one! Mix and match to create your own unique flavours & textures.

Each order comes with extra borax slime activator and additional slime add ins to use at your discretion.


Regular Slime: white glue, shaving cream, hand lotion, borax activator, and essential oils


Cloud Slime: white glue, clear glue, shaving cream, hand lotion, borax slime activator, instant snow, gel colouring, and essential oils

Jiggly Slime: clear glue, borax activator, gel colouring, and essential oils

Lotion: Equate Hydrating Body Lotion Vitamin E

Shaving Cream: Equate Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream

Rainbow Healing Slime Collection:

6 x 8oz Healing Slimes

Slime Activator and Add In's

Extra Instant Snow

Healing Slime Recipe Card

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