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I made a CLOUD WALL!


I had been wanting to expand my content creation on YouTube and on Twitch for quite awhile and I couldn't figure out what was holding me back. I had the ideas, I had the confidence, and I had the experience but I didn't have THE LOOK. As you probably already know that is one of the most important parts of the production package. I always ask myself, does this look appealing to someone watching for the first time and does it keep someone watching after the initial 7-10 seconds?

Creating the LED Cloud Wall was something I wanted to do last year and it became a popular trend on social Media. I put the idea on the back burner and forgot about it until now.


I live in a singe detached house with no room for an office and considering I work from home 95% of the time it was necessary to convert my dining room into a workspace. It has served it's purpose for the last year but it was TIME FOR A CHANGE!

It was important that I achieve a look that aligned with my personal brand and my followers interests. I also wanted something cost effective. Currently, I am pursuing my dream of becoming financially stable as a full time author so making fiscally responsible choices keeps me in alignment with this manifestation as well as my higher self.


Supplies used

I purchased most of the supplies from Walmart however they would be available at most craft supply stores.

I was super surprised at the amount of product Walmart had available to create Neon and "LoFi" backgrounds!

I hope your Walmart is as stocked up as mine was!

Also not everything I used would be required for you to create your own cloud wall. You can even do it without lights but I don't know why you would the lights are the BEST PART!

You are DEFINITELY going to need

Some form of Polyester Stuffing | I get asked A LOT if this project is a fire hazard.

Answer: a lot of things are a fire hazard in your home (probably more than you know or think about). This should not be a problem if you make sure you are using low heat LED lights and do not leave them on unsupervised.

make sure you ask a parent or guardian for permission if required

Some form of Spray Glue and OPTIONALLY fishing line if you are planning on making hanging clouds | This can lasted me throughout the whole project and I still have 1/3 of the can left. For my project I used a 37 oz of poly-fill.

How well did it work? It was really sticky and did the job very well however I haven't tried another brand to compare it to. It was also really easy to clean up. On the surfaces that I didn't wipe right away I used a bit of olive oil on a cloth then cleaned the oil off the surface and anything on the floor was taken care of by Pinesol and a mop with really hot water.

With this can I completed my LED cloud wall as well as 3 fairy large fully covered LED Light Up Clouds.

LED Lights | realistically this is optional but this is what really makes the cloud wall an LED CLOUD WALL!

Which ones to get | most strip lights should be fine however taking into consideration turning them off when you are not around, getting lights that connect to your phone or with a remote will make things a lot easier for you. I used one strip for my project. If you are covering a larger space I would recommend at least two strips of lights.

Other supplies required such as tape, tacks, and white poster paper | these items are required to make you cloud wall removable and to not ruin the paint/finish on your walls.

For my project I used 4 pieces of poster paper, a few pieces of tape, and about 10 tacks. I also used the tacks to hold up the LED lights in the clouds.

If you want to create the floating clouds you will need:

Paper lanterns in the approximate size of the clouds you would like | I used 3 6" paper lanterns for my project.

Polyester stuffing | I used about 5 oz for the 3 lanterns

Spray Glue | I was able to use the same can from the wall for the lanterns

TIP - use ALOT of glue. It is a little tricky to get the glue and stuffing to stick to the super thin paper

Fishing Line/String | fishing line is less noticeable.

Lights are again optional but these lights I got on Amazon really make the whole project sparkle! There are many strings of lights and they have various modes of twinkle.

I am OBSESSED with them! They are not only wrapped up the entire cloud wall but through the clouds and down the sides of the window.



Step 1 | prepare the area where you are putting up your cloud wall and collect all you tools/supplies. You may need a ladder if you are putting this on your ceiling or high up on the wall. You might also want to use a drop cloth on the floor where you will be spraying the glue. The residual glue will end up on the floor and it can be tough to clean if left too long.

Step 2 | put up the poster paper where you would like to have your cloud wall. Using clear tape and/or tacks.

Step 3 | If you are using LED lights you will wants to add them to the poster board. They should have their own adhesive on the back. I put mine on in a zig zag pattern to cover more area.

Step 4 | Using the spray glue add the polyester filling a hand full at a time. Using a scrunching motion with your hands to add more for volume.

Step 5 | If you are adding twinkle lights add them into the stuffing however you would like. If you are having trouble burying them in you can add more stuffing on the top of them with glue afterwards.



Step 1 | Prepare the area where you will be crating your lanterns. The glue will get everywhere for this one so using a drop cloth is highly recommended

Step 2 | Open up the lanterns and start adding the polyester filling using the spray glue. You will probably need extra glue because the paper on the learns is generally pretty thin.

Step 3 | Give the whole cloud a final full spray with glue and let dry thoroughly before you hang

Step 4 | hang with fishing line or string

Step 5 | Optionally add lights. I added them at the end because I wasn't sure exactly how they were going to hang and how best to hide the wires until they were up in the air.


Other Additions

I added a few more lights and additions to bring even more excitement and MAGIC to the project!

Like this SUPER CUTE LED cloud lamp. I purchased mine from Walmart but you can also purchase it through the links below!

I also added an incredible FLOATING MOON LAMP!

Using the power of magnets to hover over its base and a multitude of colour and light show options are included on the convenient mini remote.

It's not only perfect for the theme but adds a unique, eye catching ambience that CAN'T BE MISSED!


This is the final look for now and I AM IN LOVE!!

I still want to add a few more lights in the window and maybe a sparkly curtain but I love how this turned out and it looks great as a background to my videos!

If you are looking to build a cloud wall in your home it is as easy as it looks. Just remember:


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