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Welcome to the Fierce Fam!

"Asking for help isn't giving up, it's refusing to give up"


Get In Loser We're Healing


Includes a printable PDF workbook that coincides with the topics throughout. 

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Get In Losers

We're healing

End excuses and gain confidence using progressive Shadow Work techniques and other healing modalities. Regulate your emotions and decrease your stress naturally.

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ebook bundle

Repeat or Evolve? The choice is yours.

If you are ready to manifest your dream life but you are feeling stuck, I got you my Kings, Queens, and In Between Bees

Regulate your emotions and cortisol naturally using various healthy healing techniques so you have the motivation and energy to take the steps required to achieve your goals💫 

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Each eBook also comes with a printable PDF workbook that coincides with the topics throughout.


Get In Losers We're Healing

All book purchases support the Home To Heal Project and come with a FREE GIFT 🎁 💕 

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The Shadow Work HANDBOOK eBook comes with a printable PDF workbook that coincides with the topics throughout.

Combat cortisol and regulate your emotions NATURALLY!

This 333 page book includes a step by step Shadow Work process to acknowledge your "Shadows" as well as 32 Self-Reflection challenges, in-depth information about how stress affects the body, 10 additional healing modalities, QR codes that link to videos and more!


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The Shadow Work Handbook eBook FREE 🎁 

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Metamorphosis Program NEW START DATE: March 31, 2024

Healing Quests


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